CBD - Mist - Nighttime



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Our CBD/CBN mist NIGHTTIME is the best option to accurately dose 10mg of CBD and 1.5mg of CBN to your oral receptors. The benefit of this delivery system is that you will experience the great benefits of CBD/CBN in minutes rather than up to an hour. It is specially formulated and may aid in sleep as well as relieve stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain. This is the perfect blend of CBD/CBN and may help consumers sleep through the night. In addition, it helps avoid dependency of commonly used sleep-aids. We use the highest quality mist bottles so that you have the best hassle-free experience and it is childproof. It is convenient so that you can carry it with you and be able to use it at your NIGHTTIME/BEDTIME!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Mint Flavoring, CBD/CBN Isolate

Dosing: 1000mg CBD and 150mg CBN per bottle; 10mg CBD and 1.5MG per mist with no THC; 100 mists per bottle

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