One of the aspects veterans miss the most from military service is the feeling of camaraderie and having a team or “tribe.” Since only 1% of Americans are joining the service, it’s no surprise that 44% of post-9/11 veterans say they have difficulty reintegrating into civilian life after leaving active duty. It’s challenging for service
members to find a new tribe in the civilian world that understands them. That’s why we started Scars & Stripes Wellness. We want to empower veterans and connect them with communities all across this great country by developing the largest
veterans-only salesforce. With this great new line of products, we are able to develop a professional-based salesforce through the sales of high-quality CBD.

Our Product

“The CBD market can be confusing and sometimes misleading. Delivering high-quality CBD products with the highest potential for customer satisfaction is our number one goal. All people should be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD and this is the reason that our products are guaranteed to be THC free. We always 3 rd party test at ISO 17025 facilities to ensure our CBD products are free of THC and other harmful ingredients like
metals and pesticides. All our COAs can be always requested and validated for authenticity. Our products are produced in a state of the art 25,000 square foot facility located in Oklahoma and we follow the guidelines of a GMP and ISO 9001-compliant facility. Lastly and most importantly, with your purchase, you are empowering the men
and women that defend this great country!”

Our passion is providing quality products while empowering Veterans. We strive to make every product an extraordinary experience for our customers.